Impact Running Group

Thursdays, June 21 through August 9

Encourage your kids to learn to love running through organized and fun training!

The one-hour sessions will meet Thursday nights weekly in Meeting Room A at The Centre. The program, geared  for elementary (aged 7-12) boys and girls, will provide running, diet, and wellness information, stretching, dynamic games, and a short (but progressing) run.  Kids will be encouraged to recognize and enhance their God-given gifts and bodies as runners. The ultimate goal: healthy, confident kids who will develop a lifetime love for running! Download your registration form here.

Parents are encouraged (and preferred) to participate in the entire session!

Tentative Weekly Schedule:

6:00-6:20pm                  Running, diet, or wellness information (Meeting Room A)

6:20-6:25pm                  Active outdoor warm up

6:25-6:30pm                  Stretching

6:30-6:45pm                  Running or Strengthening Games (Focused on a skill)

6:45-7:00pm                  Planned Group Run (lengthened as needed)